We are not born with leadership skills; we develop and strengthen them throughout our career. The senior executive team you see successfully leading significant changes under pressure, making difficult decisions, and building successful organizations in turbulent times, also had their first day at work managing only themselves.                                    

You find leaders at all levels of an organization. You may start leading only yourself, but as you progress, you begin managing projects, people, and products; therefore, you will need to develop leadership skills.

At the early stage of your career, self-leadership and technical skills can make you an outstanding individual contributor, but as soon as you have to accomplish goals through other people, your interpersonal skills become critical to influence, motivate and inspire.

In an ever-changing environment, your leadership style has to be adapted to the situation. If a style works in one particular case or with a specific individual, it doesn’t mean it will be effective for all people and situations. There are many different styles, and as a leader, you will have to experiment and develop your authentic style.

Knowing yourself is a prerequisite for any personal development. Understanding your strengths and how you can refine them as well as the areas you need to work onto bring out the best in yourself and in others.   

Unleash your leadership potential by developing the leadership style and skills best suited for you.