Excellent communication skills are essential for professional success.  Being able to communicate clearly with diplomacy and tact can change the outcome of a situation and your career.

“Warren Buffet believes effective communication will instantly raise a person’s professional value,” and according to Richard Branson “Communication is the most important skill any leader can possess” link 

Everyone has their distinctive style and preferences across the three types of communication; verbal, non-verbal and written. Perhaps you favor one-on-one and small group meetings versus public speaking and large townhall presentations. Or maybe you prefer face-to-face verbal communication, but the majority of your team want to receive digital and instantaneous written and video communication.

As you progress in your career and get more responsibilities, your communication skills can help you accelerate your career or hold you back. In any business role, you must be able to communicate effectively to convey your ideas to influence and engage, as well as to drive changes and results. 

Continually improving and refining your communication style will help you become a confident communicator regardless of the setting and formality.